Training or Mentoring: What's the Difference?

Training and mentoring aim one goal: to improve your skills in a well-defined way. Although both aim for the same goal, they use very different ways. One may fit your needs, but not the other.

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C++ Core Guidelines Explained: Best Practices for Modern C++

I give away five vouchers for my book "C++ Core Guidelines Explained: Best Practices for Modern C++". In return, I have a question about modern C++. Which feature in C++11/14/17 is the most influential for you and why?

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The History of Patterns

Most software developers assume that the book "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software", published in 1994, stands for the birth of patterns. No. The term was coined by Christopher Alexander in 1977.

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The Advantages of Patterns

Before I write about patterns in my upcoming posts, I have to answer one question first. What are the advantages of patterns? As you may assume, I see many advantages, but I boil them down to three points: well-defined terminology, improved documentation, and learning from the best.

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Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++: A First Overview

Based on my last poll, "Which mentoring program should I implement next?" I recognized that there is a significant demand for writing about "Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++". Today, I would like to present to you my plan for future posts.

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I'm Nominated for the "2022 Business Worldwide CEO Awards"

Last week, the visitor numbers on this page went from 7,000/day to 25,000/day. Now, I know why. I'm nominated for the "2022 Business Worldwide CEO Awards". You can still vote for me.

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Ranges Improvements with C++23

Thanks to C++23, constructing containers will become more convenient. Additionally, the ranges library got more new views.

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My Next Mentoring Program is "Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++"

This Sunday, the poll for my next mentoring program ended. There is a unique winner: Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++.

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Improved Iterators with Ranges

There are more reasons to prefer ranges library above the classical Standard Template Library. The ranges iterators support unified lookup rules and provide additional safety guarantees.

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Sentinels and Concepts with Ranges Algorithms

The ranges library in C++20 supports sentinels. Sentinels stand for the end of a range and can be regarded as generalized end iterators.

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