C++20: Optimized Comparison with the Spaceship Operator

In this post, I conclude my miniseries on the three-way comparison operator with a few subtle details. The subtle details include the compiler-generated == and != operators and the interplay of classical comparison operators, and the three-way comparison operator.

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C++20: More Details to the Spaceship Operator

The compiler performs cleverly when it generates all six comparison operators. Ultimately, you get intuitive and efficient comparison operators for free. Let me dive into this post into the details of the spaceship operator.

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C++20: The Three-Way Comparison Operator

The three-way comparison operator <=> is often just called the spaceship operator. The spaceship operator determines whether A < B, A = B, or A > B for two values, A and B. You can define the spaceship operator, or the compiler can auto-generate it.

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