My Next Mentoring Program: "C++20: Get the Details"


My next mentoring program, "C++20: Get the Details", starts in July. Registration will open in June.


Here is more information about my third mentoring program.

C++20: Get the Details:

The mentoring program consists of 16 stations. You have to invest at least 3 hours per week for each one. This means the program takes four months, and you can integrate my program into your workday.

16 Stations

  1. Introduction
    • History
    • C++ Compiler Standard Support
    • Preparation
  2. Concepts
    • Motivation
    • Usage
    • Placeholders
    • Abbreviated Function Templates
  3. Concepts
    • Predefined Concepts
    • Definition of Concepts
    • Requires Expressions
    • User-Defined Concepts
    • An Evolution or a Revolution
  4. Comparison
    • Equality Comparison
    • The Three-Way Comparison Operator
    • Safe Comparison of Integers
  5. Constness
    • consteval
    • constinit
    • std::is_constant_evaluated
    • constexpr Containers and Algorithms
  6. Further Core Language Improvements
    • Designated Initialization
    • Templates
    • Lambdas
  7. The Ranges Library
    • Ranges and Views
    • Characteristics
    • Range Adaptors
    • Comparison of std and std::ranges Algorithms
  8. Modules
    • Advantages
    • Module Interface Unit and Module Implementation Unit
    • Submodules and Module Partitions
    • Guidelines
  9. std::span and New Container Functions
    • std::span
    • Unified Deletion of Elements
    • Uniform Checking of Elements
    • String: starts_with and ends_with
  10. Formatting Library
    • Overview
    • Format String
    • User-Defined Types
  11. Calendar and Time Zones
    • Basic Types
    • Time of Day
    • Calendar Dates
    • Time Zones
  12. Standard Library Utilities
    • Mathematical Constants
    • Midpoint and Linear Interpolation
    • Bit Manipulation
    • std::source_location
  13. Coroutines
    • Characteristics
    • The Framework
    • Awaitables and Awaiters
    • The Workflows
  14. Atomics
    • std::atomic_flag
    • std::atomic
    • std::atomic_ref
  15. Synchronization and Coordination
    • Latches and Barriers
    • Semaphores
    • Synchronized Output Streams
  16. Cooperative Interruption
    • std::jthread 
    • std::condition_variable_any
    • std::stop_source, std::stop_token, and std::stop_callback

C++20 is my third mentoring program. Here is more information about this program, "C++20: Get the Details" and more information about my mentoring programs: The following ones are open or will open in the next two years.

Mentoring Programs


  • October 2022: "Fundamentals for C++ Professionals" is open
  • May 2023: "Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++" is open
  • July 2023: "C++20: Get the Details" will open (registration open in June)
  • January 2023 - January 2025: The remaining mentoring programs are open for registration. I publish a new mentoring program each half a year. Here are the upcoming mentoring programs in the next two and a half years.
    • Clean Code: Best Practices for Modern C++
    • Generic Programming (Templates) with C++
    • Concurrency with Modern C++
    • HPC with Modern C++


All mentoring programs are based on my books, classes, presentations, and posts. The mentoring programs have three different competency levels.

Competency Levels


The competency levels of the mentoring programs are beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

  • Beginner
    • Fundamentals for C++ Professionals
  • Intermediate
    • Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++
    • Clean Code: Best Practices for Modern C++
    • C++20: A Deep Insight
  • Advanced
    • Generic Programming (Templates) with C++
    • Concurrency with Modern C++
    • HPC with Modern C++

To master the intermediate or advanced mentoring programs, you must master the beginner mentoring program "Fundamentals for C++ Professionals" or any similar content. If you want to know more about the running mentoring programs "Fundamentals for C++ Professionals" or "Design Pattern and Architectural Pattern with C++", follow the links.

More Information?

  • I host my mentoring program on
  • I'm happy to answer your question:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • If you want to stay informed, subscribe here:



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English Books

Course: Modern C++ Concurrency in Practice

Course: C++ Standard Library including C++14 & C++17

Course: Embedded Programming with Modern C++

Course: Generic Programming (Templates)

Course: C++ Fundamentals for Professionals

Course: The All-in-One Guide to C++20

Course: Master Software Design Patterns and Architecture in C++

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