Registration is Open for my Mentoring Program "Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++"


I'm happy to present my new mentoring program "Design Patterns and Architectural Pattern with C++" in this post.

RG E Cover M2 DPAC 720x720 2022 11 27The Mentoring Program

The mentoring program consists of 16 stations. For each one, you have to invest at least 3 hours per week. Therefore, you can integrate my program into your workday.

16 Stations

  1. Introduction
  2. Terminology
  3. Design Patterns: Creational Patterns
  4. Design Patterns: Structural Patterns
  5. Design Patterns: Structural Patterns
  6. Design Patterns: Behavioral Patterns
  7. Idioms: General
  8. Idioms: Classes
  9. Idioms: Classes
  10. Idioms: Polymorphism
  11. Idioms: Templates
  12. Idioms: Templates
  13. Architectural Patterns
  14. Synchronization Patterns: Dealing with Mutation
  15. Synchronization Patterns: Dealing with Sharing
  16. Concurrent Architecture

One Station

Each station consists of theory, practice, and mentoring:

  • Theory
    • Pure theory with about ten slides (video)
    • Applied theory with about five examples (video)
    • Additional posts and training videos
  • Practice
    • Exercises (video)
    • Sample solutions to the exercises (video)
    • Active C++ community in moderated forums
  • Mentoring
    • Live Q&A session each Friday, in which I address forum questions (recorded)
    • One-to-One mentoring at the end of the mentoring program, if requested

Sample Station

How to Participate?

The mentoring will start on March 24, 2023. The program takes four months.

Four Easy Steps

Here are the necessary steps:

  1. If you don’t have an account, create it here:,
  2. Buy the course using Stripe or a bank transfer.
  3. I add you to the mentoring program.
  4. Enter the mentoring program.


You can either pay with Stripe or a bank transfer


The mentoring program costs €1200. You can pay one-time or monthly.


Stripe accepts all usual card brands such as American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. You can pay one time or monthly.

Here are the Stripe links:

Bank Transfer

Add your username to the comment field when you choose a bank transfer. Here is my bank account:

Rainer Grimm

Volksbank Herrenberg Nagold Rottenburg
IBAN: DE30 6039 1310 0408 7730 06

My pricing model is based on individual participants. If your company or department would like to participate in this mentoring program, please contact me directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Rainer D 6 P2 540x540Modernes C++ Mentoring

Be part of my mentoring programs:





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First Installment

This is the first installment of my new mentoring program “Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns in C++”. This has a few consequences.

  • There may be a few minor issues. Consequentially, I start each week explicitly and offer this mentoring for a reduced price.
  • This first iteration starts in February 2023. Around April 2023, this mentoring is open for additional registration. You can start it self-paced at any time. The price will be €1800.

Mentee Membership and Community Membership

When you mastered your mentoring program, you can extend your Mentee Membership with a Community Membership.

Mentee Membership

  • Member of a mentoring program
  • Includes community membership

 Community Membership

  • Access to the previous mentoring program
  • You cannot participate in the Q&A sessions, but you can watch recorded Q&A sessions
  • Becomes a community member if requested
  • Community membership is €30/month; payable for a year in advance: €360

The Ideal Mentee

First, you need good C++ knowledge and want to become fluent in patterns. If you don’t consider yourself a good C++ programmer, you should first master my basic mentoring program Fundamentals for C++ Professionals.

You have to invest at-least three hours a week and can, therefore, integrate my program into your workday. In the ideal case, your company supports you with time and money.

Here are a few participant profiles I have in mind:

  • Professionals who want to master patterns
  • C++ developers who want to make their next carrier step
  • C++ developers, interested in good software design

What Mentees Say About my Mentoring



Rainer Grimm’s mentoring program Fundamentals for C++ Professionals is truly one of a kind. It opens the door to an immense amount of well structured information to learn all fundamentals of the C++ language with a depth that suits your background knowledge and the amount of time you can spent on the program. With Rainers long experience and knowledge about the language, the mentee’s skills are thoroughly and consistently strengthened every single week of the program.

I am enjoying the program a lot for the fact that it is intense on one hand but perfectly suited for following in parallel to a full time day job, the format and duration allows the material to really get settled. In my opinion the program is highly recommended to everyone that is dedicated to make C++ one of their core skills in a professional career and is prepared to engage with a focussed community of mentees and the excellent mentor Rainer Grimm.



I took this Mentoring Program to deepen my knowledge about C++. I was stunned by the huge amount of Videos and effort Rainer Grimm put into this program.

He does not only provide Videos, Examples and Exercises to explain the different Topics, he also provide further informations regarding those topics (Blog posts, Videos from CppCon etc).

One big advantage of the course is that you could wrote questions directly to Rainer Grimm or into the Forum and he will answer and explain also his answer in the weekly Q&A Sessions at the end of each week.

I could really recommend this Mentoring to beginners and also to intermediate C++ developers.


 Jan Kevin Dick

Software Engineer Robert Bosch GmbH



I am very happy I signed up for Rainer’s mentorship program. The pace is perfect to follow along while having a full time job, and most importantly the content has a great balance between theory and practical knowledge so you can apply what you learn right away. You can also customize the level of difficulty by asking questions in the forum, experimenting with the examples and by reading more of the further materials that Rainer selects for each week.

I like that each week has a clear goal and I believe the combination of the core material, the links to further information and the discussions in the Q&A sessions provide a thorough overview of each topic. Thanks to the program I have met other fellow mentees and have expanded my professional network.



 Diana Ojeda Aristizabal

Design Engineer at Intel


Stay Informed about my Mentoring



English Books

Course: Modern C++ Concurrency in Practice

Course: C++ Standard Library including C++14 & C++17

Course: Embedded Programming with Modern C++

Course: Generic Programming (Templates)

Course: C++ Fundamentals for Professionals

Course: The All-in-One Guide to C++20

Course: Master Software Design Patterns and Architecture in C++

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