The Adapter Pattern

The idea of the adapter pattern is straightforward: It converts the interface of a class into another interface.

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Five Coupons for the eBook "Template Metaprogramming with C++"

I'm happy to announce that I have five giveaway eBooks for "Template Metaprogramming with C++" by Marius Bancila. In return, I have two questions about templates. The five best answers will get the coupons.

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The Singleton: The Alternatives Monostate Pattern and Dependency Injection

So far, I have discussed in my previous posts the Singleton Pattern, and its pros and cons. One question is still open: What alternatives for the Singleton Pattern are available? Today, I write about the Monostate Pattern and Dependency Injection.

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Concepts and the Finance Industry

The finance industry is a big user of C++.  But as everyone knows, C++ programmers take on a substantial burden of complexity relative to other languages.  Why would they do that?  In a word: for performance.  With C++, you retain full semantic expressiveness without sacrificing any speed.  But that complexity can be tough.

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The Singleton: Pros and Cons

I introduced in my last post "The Singleton", the classical Singleton and the so-called Meyers Singleton. The Singleton Pattern is highly controversial. Let me, therefore, discuss in this post the pros and cons of the Singleton.

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The Singleton

The most controversial Design Pattern from the book  "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" is the Singleton Pattern. Let me introduce it before I discuss its pros and cons.

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The Factory Method (Slicing and Ownership Semantics)

In the last installment of this blog, I introduced the Factory Method: Creational Patterns: Factory Method 1. My implementation had two serious issues: slicing and ownership semantics. Today, I fix these issues.

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Stop Training, Start Mentoring

Training and mentoring aim one goal: to improve your skills in a well-defined way. Although both aim for the same goal, they use very different ways. One may fit your needs, but not the other.

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The Factory Method

The classic book "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" has 23 patterns. They are ordered by intent: creational, structural, and behavioral patterns. Today,  I focus on the creational pattern Factory Method.

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An anti-pattern is a proven way to shoot yourself into your foot. The term anti-pattern was coined by Andrew Koenig, and it is pretty entertaining to read about them.

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