The Singleton: The Alternatives Monostate Pattern and Dependency Injection

So far, I have discussed in my previous posts the Singleton Pattern, and its pros and cons. One question is still open: What alternatives for the Singleton Pattern are available? Today, I write about the Monostate Pattern and Dependency Injection.

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The Singleton: Pros and Cons

I introduced in my last post "The Singleton", the classical Singleton and the so-called Meyers Singleton. The Singleton Pattern is highly controversial. Let me, therefore, discuss in this post the pros and cons of the Singleton.

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The Singleton

The most controversial Design Pattern from the book  "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" is the Singleton Pattern. Let me introduce it before I discuss its pros and cons.

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Thread-Safe Initialization of a Singleton

There are a lot of issues with the singleton pattern. I'm totally aware of that. But the singleton pattern is an ideal use case for a variable, which has only to be initialized in a thread-safe way. From that point on you can use it without synchronization. So in this post, I discuss different ways to initialize a singleton in a multithreading environment. You get the performance numbers and can reason about your uses cases for the thread-safe initialization of a variable.

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Thread-Safe Initialization of Data

The story is simple if the data is not modified when shared between threads. The data has only to be initialized in the thread-safe way. It is not necessary to use an expensive lock for each access.

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