Presentation next Monday: Concurrency Patterns with Rainer Grimm

Next Monday, I will give two presentations for Meeting C++.


First, I will introduce my mentoring program, and second, I will talk about "Concurrency Patterns in C++".

Here are more details:


  • 19:00 Socializing / Get to know Hubilo
  • 19:30 Welcome message
  • 20:00 C++ Mentoring by Rainer Grimm
  • 20:30 Concurrency Patterns
  • 21:xx - Socializing / End

If you want to participate, register here: Concurrency Patterns With Rainer Grimm


Modernes C++ Mentoring,


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English Books

Course: Modern C++ Concurrency in Practice

Course: C++ Standard Library including C++14 & C++17

Course: Embedded Programming with Modern C++

Course: Generic Programming (Templates)

Course: C++ Fundamentals for Professionals

Course: The All-in-One Guide to C++20

Course: Master Software Design Patterns and Architecture in C++

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