Modern C++ Collection

Get all my books about modern C++ in one bundle.


  • C++20
  • Concurrency with Modern C++, including C++20
  • C++ Standard Library, including C++20

Each book has about 200 complete code examples.

Updates are included. When I update one of the books, you immediately get the updated bundle. You can expect significant updates to each new C++ standard (C++23, C++26, .. ) and also essential updates in between.

Here is the Leanpub bundle for 35 % off:


Modernes C++,



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English Books

Course: Modern C++ Concurrency in Practice

Course: C++ Standard Library including C++14 & C++17

Course: Embedded Programming with Modern C++

Course: Generic Programming (Templates)

Course: C++ Fundamentals for Professionals

Interactive Course: The All-in-One Guide to C++20

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