Looking for Proofreaders for my new Book: Concurrency with Modern C++


I'm looking for proofreaders of my new book. I'll give you a detailed insight in the current and the upcoming concurrency in C++. This insight includes the theory and a lot of practice.


Let me show you the Cover and let me say a few words About the Book.


The cover



About the book

Concurrency with Modern C++ is a journey through current and upcoming concurrency in C++.

  • C++11 and C++14 have the basic building blocks for creating concurrent or parallel programs.
  • With C++17 we got the parallel algorithms of the Standard Template Library (STL). That means, most of the algorithms of the STL can be executed sequential, parallel, or vectorized.
  • The concurrency story in C++ goes on. With C++20 we can hope for extended futures, coroutines, transactions, and more.


For a better idea of my book, I attached a very early first version (10% completed) of my book. At least you get a concrete idea of the content.

You can download it here: ConcurrencyWithModernC++.pdf.

Here a the missing facts about proofreading my new book.

Who will publish it?

  • I will publish the book at Leanpub: Here is the book page: Concurrency with Modern C++. Therefore, the book will be available in pdf, epub, and mobi format.
  • It is quite probable the book will be published in a printed version in German and Korean.

When will it be published?

  • I will publish the book after the first iteration of the proofreaders. That will be in 2-3 weeks. Therefore, the book will be 30 - 50% completed.

What's your job?

  • Proofreading the entire book.
  • Look for errors in the book. I assume, your main job is to look for syntax errors in the wording. My English improved a lot due to my first English book The C++ Standard Library for Leanpub and my English blog. But, of course, my mother tongue is German. 
  • Make further suggestions about the content and the structure of the book.

What are the requirements for proofreading?

  • To be honest, you have not to be a C++ expert.
  • English should be your mother tongue. 
  • If I'm done with a new chapter. You will get an update of the book. Therefore, you should proofread the chapter. This update will be in pdf. Make your remarks direclty into the pdf. That works best for you and me. It is not necessary, that you will do it immediately. But to publish a new version of the book, it's quality should be sufficient enough.

What do you get?

  • A digital version the book and all updates.
  • I will mention you in the book and as a contributor on the Leanpub book page.
  • 1 % of the Leanpub royalties. Therefore, I need your Paypal email address. I see no way to automate this process. You will get your share if the royalities reach 1000 $, 2000 $, 3000 $, and so on. Once more, to get your share, you have to read the entire book.

How to contact me?

  • Use the contact button in the left column of this webpage.
  • The call for proofreaders is open for one week. Therefore, it will end on the 5th of June.
  • I'm looking for 5-8 proofreaders. So if more than 8 want to proofread the book, I have to choose the right ones. Therefore, it helps me a lot if you say a few words about you. That is only necessary if I don't know you.


Modernes C++,




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0 #1 Dhi Aurrahman 2017-05-29 09:43
I bought your C++ std book. That one is really great. I wish you also want to explore coroutine and event loop inside this concurrency book!
0 #2 Rainer Grimm 2017-05-30 05:58
Quoting Dhi Aurrahman:
I bought your C++ std book. That one is really great. I wish you also want to explore coroutine and event loop inside this concurrency book!

Thanks a lot. I will write about current and upcoming concurrency in this book. Therefore, I will also write about coroutines.

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