Immutable Data

A key to purely functional languages is that their data are immutable. Therefore, assignments such as x= x+1 or ++x are not possible in the purely functional language Haskell. The consequence is that Haskell supports no loops like for, while, or until. They are based on the modification of a loop variable. Haskell does not modify existing data; Haskell creates new data when needed and reuses the old ones.

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Higher-Order Functions

Higher-order functions are the pendant to First-Class Functions because higher-order functions can take functions as an argument or return them as a result.

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First-Class Functions

One of the characteristics of functional programming is first-class functions. First-class functions behave like data and are heavily used in the Standard Template Library.

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The Definition of Functional Programming

The definition of functional programming is relatively easy. Functional programming is programming with mathematical functions. Is that all? Of course, not!

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Functional in C++17 and C++20

Which functional feature can we expect with C++17, and for which functional feature can we hope with C++20? This is precisely the question I will concisely answer in this post.

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Functional in C++11 and C++14: Dispatch Table and Generic Lambdas

My favorite example, the dispatch table, shows how nicely the features in modern C++ work together. A dispatch table is a table of pointers to functions. In my case, it is a table of handles for polymorphic function wrappers.

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Functional in TR1 and C++11

This post continues our journey through the functional features of classical, modern, and future C++. Today, we stop in the present.

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Functional in C++98

C++ is not a functional programming language, but you can program in a functional style. What are the functional features of C++? I will answer this question for C++98.

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Object-Oriented, Generic, and Functional Programming

C++ is not a functional programming language. C++ has its roots in procedural and object-oriented programming. So it's pretty surprising that programming in a functional style becomes increasingly important in C++. That is not only true for C++. That also holds for Python, which has many functional features, and even for Java. Now Java has lambda functions.


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